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The original 1.2.3 Training System was developed to train cleaning personnel without relying on written text; rather, using the concept of color associations and icons. This meant that regardless of an employee's learning ability, educational background, or command of the English language, he or she could be trained quickly and effectively.


Your crisis management program is only effective if it is readily accessible, easily understood, and can be implemented under the most extreme pressures. Most programs are well written – if read in the cool, calm, safety of your office. Imagine you are in lock-down an intruder is on campus, there are threats of gang activity, and a bomb threat is received…


The Crisis Management Guide is a wonderful tool for schools, but what if something happens when students are traveling to or from school or on a field trip? Will the bus driver know what to do in an emergency? Will the students?


The 1. 2. 3. Safe Home Guide builds on the success of the Safe School Plan by providing a core set of cards that can be used in the home. Easily customized by the home-owner, these cards ensure your family's safety in the event of a disaster, as well as provide a simple check-off system for the baby-sitter. Easy enough for your pre-schooler to understand, yet powerful enough to help safeguard your family from almost any emergency or disaster.


Training is a process. Situations, people, and needs change. We are here to help you continue to meet your training goals through those changes. Whether you need a few new sets of cards or a major overhaul, our team is ready to help.