About Us

From little colored dots used to help herself continue to work while recovering from short term memory loss caused by a life-threatening head injury, Dee Tarvin has developed what may be one of the world’s most effective, elegant, and simple training systems.

The original 1.2.3 Training System was developed to train cleaning personnel without relying on written text; rather, using the concept of color associations and icons. This meant that regardless of an employee’s learning ability, educational background, or command of the English language, he or she could be trained quickly and effectively.

Ms Tarvin recognized that the principles that make the 1. 2. 3 Training System so effective in the cleaning industry are easily transferred to many other disciplines.

Given her dedication to teaching and concern for safety, it’s not surprising that she would turn next to the needs of the school system. Actually while talking with a school administrator about the 1. 2. 3 Training System, she learned about the desperate need for simplifying the school’s crisis management program. This led to the Safe School Plan and the next stage of development for 1. 2. 3 Training Systems, Inc.