Company Information

Color CoatingThe secret to the effectiveness of the 1. 2. 3. Training System lies in the patented combination of icons and colors. This easily recognized and understood formula makes the entire process virtually language independent.

In fact, the program has been used by non-English speaking supervisors in the training of employees with no reading skills whatsoever.

Founder and CEO of 1. 2. 3. Training Systems, Inc., Dee Tarvin, was recognized for her unique contributions to training and employment of America’s learning challenged individuals in a special presentation from Barbara Bush in 1991.

Goal and Mission

1. 2. 3. Training Systems, Inc. is dedicated to providing effective, easy to use, and affordable training and safety programs to schools, industry and the home. We will be recognized as a company that listens to its customers, always striving to provide the very best and easiest to use systems possible.


The first 1. 2. 3. Cards were developed in 1990. Used to help provide on-the-job training for new janitors, the cards combined colors, icons, and a unique version of the MSDS information. This combination proved so incredibly effective in training new cleaners that a major chemical manufacturer formed what would be a 10 year partnership with the fledgling company.

Now 12 years later, the original cards have been transformed into a more comprehensive program and renamed Cleaning for Health. They have become even more effective and have proven year after year to be one of the most effective ways to train. Hundreds of companies have saved countless training hours and dollars in an industry marked by turnover rates over 200%.

But these companies also realized very quickly that they improved their business in many unexpected ways. Because employees were better trained and had MSDS information always on hand, the owners and managers found their insurance rates dropped, turnover decreased, performance and productivity increased, and the program became a very important part of their marketing plans.

In 2000, 1. 2. 3. Training Systems, Inc. launched a new program – the Safe School Plan – using the principles of the original 1. 2. 3 System to create effective, usable, and economical adjuncts for the typically ineffective crisis management book in school systems. The new venture was met with overwhelming enthusiasm.

Now in 2002, we are extending these principles into day care centers, corporate headquarters, retail stores, and the home – anywhere that safety is a concern, and the ability to respond quickly and properly to an emergency is paramount.