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MARCH 29, 2002

1. 2. 3 Training Systems, Inc. Establishes Internet Presence

1. 2. 3 Training Systems, Inc. Unveils New Web-Site

March 29, 2002 — 1. 2. 3 Training Systems, Inc., the developers of the easy to use, patented icon / color training system announced today that their new web site is up and running. Located at, the site promises to provide information about the company’s products and services along with success stories, training tips, and new ideas for using the system.

1. 2. 3 Training pioneered the development of easy to use cards that combine graphics and color coding to simplify and standardize janitorial training over ten years ago. In an industry noted for high turnover, high concentrations of non-English speaking employees, and high levels of illiteracy, this system has proven itself effective in getting new employees up to speed and productive quickly and more economically than any other method.

Continued development of the system has helped customers save training dollars, improved profits through increased productivity and helped reduce insurance premiums.

The company’s web-site introduces a new Crisis Management Program aimed at school systems (Safe School Plan), large corporations, and other businesses. The Program uses an approach similar to the original 1. 2. 3 Training System, distilling pages of hard to understand text into a set of 5″x8″ cards. The color coding and icons are developed to communicate quickly, effectively, and independent of language skills allowing everyone to respond to a crisis as effectively as the Crisis Manager herself.

The company says that is the starting point for your training and crisis management program needs in virtually any industry or environment. Building on over ten years of training successes, 1. 2. 3. Training Systems, Inc. promises to continue to develop cutting edge programs with a commitment to ease of use, effectiveness, and respect for your budget. The site includes a contact form soliciting your comments, criticisms, ideas and questions.


MARCH 30, 2002

See 1. 2. 3 Training Systems, Inc. at NSBA Conference in New Orleans

1. 2. 3 Training Systems to Exhibit at NSBA in New Orleans

Largest gathering of School Boards in the country has opportunity to see the Safe School Plan from 1.2.3 Training Systems, Inc.

March 30, 2002 — See 1. 2. 3 Training Systems at the annual NSBA Conference in New Orleans, April 6-9, 2002. Of particular interest is the company’s unique Safe School Plan. Using a patented combination of icons & colors, the Safe School Plan provides an effective, usable solution for your crisis management program.

Covering virtually every potential situation from allergic reactions, asthma, dangerous weather, intruders, fire & explosion to bus accidents, lockdowns, and injury to students or staff; the Safe School Plan is designed to be instantly understood and usable. Consisting of a collection of laminated 5″ x 7″ cards, the plan can be customized for each district’s or individual school’s needs and is economical enough to be placed in every classroom and office on campus.

Always on hand, easy to understand and follow step by step procedures, deigned for YOUR facility, the Safe School Plan from 1.2.3 Training Systems is effective, usable protection for your school, staff, and students.

See 1. 2. 3 Training Systems and the Safe School Plan in New Orleans.

APRIL 10, 2002

1. 2. 3 Training Systems, Inc. has attendees lined up in the aisles at NSBA Conference in New Orleans

1. 2. 3 Training Systems a success at NSBA in New Orleans

Largest gathering of School Boards in the country lines up to see the Safe School Plan from 1.2.3 Training Systems, Inc.

April 10, 2002 — Debuting their Safe School Crisis Management Plan and Safe Bus Transportation Plan, 1. 2. 3 Training Systems, Inc. of Bloomington, IL, had attendees standing 10 deep in the aisles.

The NSBA Conference is the largest gathering of School Boards in the country. With everything from service providers to busses on display, attendees were captivated by the simple effectiveness of the 1. 2. 3 Training Systems Crisis Management Plan.

Based on a “deck” of cards covering every conceivable crisis that might face a school administrator or teacher, the Plan communicates via colors and icons. Rather than searching for a 500 page volume of dense print, in an emergency, the teacher flips to the proper card and step by step resolves the crisis.

President Dee Tarvin boasts that the system has been demonstrated by a 5th grader to a local PTO – and they were able to use the system immediately.

Not only is the system simple and effective; it is priced so that a set of cards can hang in every room on campus, with the Safe Bus Plan in every bus or school vehicle.

The system is available for immediate shipment or can be customized to fit individual school district needs.

JUNE 4, 2002

1. 2. 3 Training Systems Transportation Crisis Guide approved for Part 120(a) 14 reimbursement…

1. 2. 3 Training Systems Transportation Crisis Guide Eligible for Part 120(a) 14 Reimbursement…

School Bus Scoop
March/April 2002
From the State Director – –

“When good enough, isn’t!”

The National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services was founded in 1968, and represents a cross section of individuals and organizations involved in the safe transportation of school children. As the association’s name indicates, individuals with the primary responsibility for school transportation in each state are members. In addition, school bus manufacturers, many equipment suppliers to the school bus industry or the school bus aftermarket, school transportation contractors, and a number of state associations whose members include school transportation officials, drivers, trainers, and mechanics also are members of affiliated councils within the association. Based on this diversity in membership, we believe that the State Directors Association provides a unique perspective on pupil transportation issues and speaks for a large segment of the “pupil transportation industry.”


1.2.3. Training Systems has developed a Crisis Management Guide Card Set, including school bus transportation safety, that many districts have shown an interest in and have asked if the item can be claimed on their annual claim for transportation reimbursement. After meeting with the developer of this Guide and evaluating the safety related aspects of the tool, the State Board of Education is approving the 1.2.3. Crisis Management Guide Bus Transportation Department Card Sets eligible for reimbursement on the Annual Claim for Transportation Reimbursement at $60 per unit, line 14c of the claim form, in the year of purchase. Approval of the Guide Card Set is based on Part 120 Pupil Transportation Reimbursement rules and regulations, Section 120(a) 14…items that enhance transportation safety…. This tool has positive applications for training of school bus drivers and students and allows for quick response to a crisis situation.