BusThe Crisis Management Guide is a wonderful tool for schools, but what if something happens when students are traveling to or from school or on a field trip? Will the bus driver know what to do in an emergency? Will the students?

Enter the 1.2.3 Transportation Guide. Just like the Crisis Management Guide, the Transportation Guide is a set of 5 x 8 cards that uses apatented combination of color and icons that provide information and procedures on all aspects of bus transportation – whether one is looking for routine information on basic maintenance or passenger and driver rules during operation or emergency procedures to be followed in case of an accident or injury.

These cards, combined with the cards from the Crisis Management Guide demonstrate the school administration’s dedication to the welfare of their students, regardless of their location. The use of these card sets tells the parents of every student, “We care about your sons and daughters!”


  • Easy to understand icons and colors – ensures proper actions are taken – can save lives
  • Economical – can be placed on every bus
  • Reduce training time for replacement/substitute drivers – ensures all drivers are prepared for an emergency