Safe Home PlanThe 1. 2. 3. Safe Home Guide builds on the success of the Safe School Plan by providing a core set of cards that can be used in the home. Easily customized by the home-owner, these cards ensure your family’s safety in the event of a disaster, as well as provide a simple check-off system for the baby-sitter. Easy enough for your pre-schooler to understand, yet powerful enough to help safeguard your family from almost any emergency or disaster.

Use the Basic Card set to protect against common emergencies such as threatening weather, accidental poisoning, injuries, and harassment by strangers. Or use our Customize Program to develop a set of cards to complement the core set and tailor the package to fit your family’s needs. For the utmost in personalization and flexibility, take advantage of our Create-on-Line Kit – using our simple templates and your computer and printer, create a unique set of Safe Home Guide cards for your family.

Key Benefits

  • Peace of mind – go out for the evening knowing your babysitter has all the information needed to protect your children
  • Protects your family all day and all night – use the cards to teach your children about home safety
  • May reduce insurance premiums – check with your agent