Your crisis management program is only effective if it is readily accessible, easily understood, and can be implemented under the most extreme pressures. Most programs are well written – if read in the cool, calm, safety of your office. Imagine you are in lock-down  an intruder is on campus, there are threats of gang activity, and a bomb threat is received…

Where’s the Crisis Manual? Who saw it last? Which sections apply? What do we do first? Second? Next?

The Crisis Management Guide is a set of 5 x 8 cards that use a patented combination of colors, icons, and text to quickly and effectively communicate instructions. Created to respect your budgets, they are economical enough to place a set in every room of your school, they ensure that the Guide is always available where the crisis is. Created to respect your priorities and pressures, the Guide communicates exactly what is required, when it’s required. Created to respect your responsibilities, the Guide communicates your dedication to the safety of the students to your administration and to the parents.

Built around a core set of concepts, the Crisis Management Guide is easily customized to fit your school’s unique needs and character. The Guide is available in quantities from 1 set to any number you need. Replacement cards are always available from 1.2.3 Training Systems, or ask about our “Create-on-Site Program”.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to understand icons and colors – ensures proper actions are taken – can save lives
  • Economical – can be placed in every room – always available – ready for any emergency
  • Easily customized – meets the needs of your district, school, PTO, students – effective